‘You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone’!

The Cancer Anonymous™ program includes carrying the message to other people with cancer without charge and this is usually achieved through regular meetings. Because we are people who have actually experienced and lived with cancer on a daily basis, we find that we can help each other in a unique and effective way. We are not cured of cancer – what we really have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual, mental & physical condition.

The program of Cancer Anonymous™ is based on one person with cancer carrying the message to another without charge. Every one of us is responsible for creating the fellowship that we crave. If there is no meeting in your area yet, you can start your own group.  

In order to protect Cancer Anonymous™ from external problems of money, property and prestige, all of our groups voluntarily agree to the 3 simple principles below:
(1) The Preamble of Cancer Anonymous™ is read out at the start of every meeting.
(2) The Spiritual Program page is read out during the meeting.
(3) The 12 Traditions of Cancer Anonymous™ are read out stating that the primary purpose of every Group is to stay well and to help other people with cancer to get well and that the Group should not be affiliated with any other cause.

Every Cancer Anonymous™ group is autonomous and the only requirement for membership of any Cancer Anonymous™ group is a desire to get well. Our meetings usually last for 1 hour and members are free to discuss any aspect of their own experience strength and hope as it relates to their recovery from cancer.

We usually start our meetings by saying The Serenity Prayer together and end our meetings by saying The Lord’s Prayer for those who wish to say it. These prayers are optional and are entirely up to each Group.

If you would like to start a meeting in your area and your group is willing to adhere to the 3 Cancer Anonymous™ group principles above, please complete the form below to send us your group details. We will then send you a meeting starter pack and add your group to the Cancer Anonymous™ meeting list:

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