Start A Free Support Group In Your Area!

Membership of Cancer Anonymous™ is free and we don’t seek or accept any funding, payments or grants from anyone. Our meetings are starting to pop up everywhere thank God and we would like to invite you to start a Cancer Anonymous™ Support Group in your area!

Based on our actual experience, the main causes of cancer are:
(1) Stress: Anger, fear and negative thinking.
(2) Malnutrition: Lack of natural plant based nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
(3) Animal Protein: All meat, dairy & egg products.
(4) Dehydration: We need to increase our quality and quantity of water.
(5) Pathogens: Disease causing viruses, fungi, bacteria & parasites

The Cancer Anonymous™ program supports our members and their families in all of the following areas: Stress, Spiritual Program, Meetings, Juicing, Water, Food, Detox & Supplements.

In order to protect Cancer Anonymous™ from external problems of money, property and prestige, all of our groups voluntarily agree to the 3 simple principles below:
(1) The Preamble of Cancer Anonymous™ is read out at the start of every meeting.
(2) The Spiritual Program page is read out during the meeting.
(3) The 12 Traditions of Cancer Anonymous™ are read out stating that the primary purpose of every Group is to stay well and to help other people with cancer to get well and that the Group should not be affiliated with any other cause.

Our meetings usually last for 1 hour and members are free to discuss any aspect of their own experience strength and hope as it relates to their recovery from cancer.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to help.

Your’s in Love & Service!

Cancer Anonymous™

If you would like to start a meeting in your area and are willing to adhere to the 3 Principles above, please complete the form below to send us your group details and we will add your meetings to the Cancer Anonymous™ list:

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