3 x 8oz glasses of freshly made organic carrot juice twice a day made with 5 stalks of fresh asparagus, 1 whole fresh lemon including peel and 3 slices of fresh ginger root

Please find below details of our daily juicing program:

(1) We drink at least 3 x 8oz glasses of freshly made organic carrot juice twice a day – that’s 3 glasses before breakfast and 3 before dinner. Freshly made organic carrot juice provides powerful carotenoid antioxidants and enzymes. The juice should be made fresh and consumed straight away. Some of us were too sick to take the juice by mouth and we temporarily had to take it by enema. Details of enema kits can be found in our suppliers section below. Pasteurised carrot juice is not effective because the pasteurisation process destroys the natural enzymes.

(2) We add 5 stalks of fresh asparagus to each 3 glass batch of carrot juice. Asparagus is a powerful anti-cancer agent that has been used by natural healers for centuries. The asparagus also helps to alkalize our blood and body. It is well known that cancer cells usually only grow in acidic conditions and cannot survive in an alkaline environment. We also add 1 fresh whole lemon including the full peel and 3 slices of fresh ginger root to each 3 batch glass of carrot juice.

(3) We only use masticating juicers to make juices. This is because centrifugal juicers destroy the enzymes in the juice through heat and physical force. Masticating juicers are inexpensive and we have listed some suppliers below.

We also recommend a list of supplements that our members take with their morning and afternoon juices. Please click on the Supplements page for further details.

Please note that Cancer Anonymous™ does not endorse or oppose any supplier or supply any equipment or supplements or accept any commission or payment from any supplier. The list below is simply information provided by our members for the convenience of new members who are starting on our program. These links are updated regularly based on feedback from our members. If you choose to purchase from any supplier, the contract of sale is directly between you and the supplier and the purchase is entirely at your own risk.

Masticating Juicer Suppliers:
USA: https://www.championjuicer.com
UK & Ireland: http://www.ukjuicers.com/champion-2000-juicer-white

Enema Kit Suppliers:
USA, UK & Ireland: http://store.gerson.org/s.nl/it.A/id.239/.f