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We live in a world that is suffering from the effects of unprecedented pollution and climate change and most of the man made processed foods in our grocery stores did not even exist in the last century. The result of this extra toxic burden on our bodies is that there are now almost twice as many people with cancer and other serious degenerative diseases today as there was 50 years ago!

Based on our actual experience, the main causes of cancer are:
(1) Stress: Anger, fear and negative thinking.
(2) Malnutrition: Natural plant based nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
(3) Dehydration: Quality and the quantity of water.
(4) Pathogens: Disease causing viruses and microorganisms.

A critical part of the Cancer Anonymous™ program is the detoxification of our spirit, mind, body & environment. Please see below a list of the detox actions that our members practice. These detoxification steps below are listed in order of their importance based on our experience:

Detox Area Detox Actions Notes
Water We drink 3 – 5 litres of purified water every day. Our water is purified by reverse osmosis or distillation. We do not drink tap water or Fluoride or Chlorine. When away from home, spring water is ok. We also use natural toothpaste that is free of Fluoride and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (available in most good health food stores). Water is an excellent solvent and drinking purified water helps to detox our bodies. In addition to removing a lot of toxic chemicals from our bodies, purified water also removes some good nutrients. However when we are on the Cancer Anonymous™ nutritional program we are replenishing our bodies with good nutrients on a daily basis and this process helps to detoxify our bodies.
Kitchen We remove all chemicals from underneath our kitchen sink and store these in a utility room or garage away from our food & water. We usually put a reverse osmosis or water distillation unit under our kitchen sinks and move all chemicals out of our kitchens.
Home Replace all artificial insecticides such as naphthalene, coal camphor & DDT with natural alternatives such as lavender or natural camphor or champhora (from the camphor tree).Cleanse the air in the home with incense or frankincense. We found that we were highly allergic to artificial insecticide products such as naphthalene, coal camphor, DDT and other man made pesticides. These chemicals are hugely toxic to us and detrimental to our health. We recommend 100% removal of these toxic chemicals from our homes.
Fresh Air We find that it is important to allow fresh air into our breathing space. If possible, we keep our bedroom window slightly open when we are sleeping.
Dairy We follow a whole food, plant based diet with 100% abstinence from all animal protein and animal based foods including dairy.Take 1 Okra Pepsin tablet 3 times per day for 2 weeks to detox from dairy mucous. This is usually eliminated as a stringy plastic material
after 8-14 days.
Opera singers often avoid all dairy products before a performance because it causes a mucous build up and an allergic type reaction.We found that we were suffering from a mucous build up in our colons that was blocking proper ingestion of vital nutrients and the Okra Pepsin helps to remove this mucous.
Food fasting Some of our members give their bodies a break by fasting for 1-2 days once or twice a month. Juice and water should continue to be taken during any food fast. We found that our bodies were overloaded with protein and toxins. When we go on short juice fasts, we give our bodies a chance to catch up and clear out the excess protein and toxins.
Colonics Many of our members find regular purified water enemas and coffee enemas very useful to help with pain relief and liver detox. See supplier list below for enema supplies and instructions. Enemas are carried out entirely at your own risk. Consult with a colonic professional if necessary.
Exercise We find that some light exercise outside once a day when possible helps our bodies, minds and spirits.
Rest Try to sleep in harmony with your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Try to get extra rest during the day whenever you are tired. Like all living things, your body clock is naturally aligned to the Sun’s cycle. Getting well takes lots of energy and your body and mind needs a lot of rest.
Sunlight If possible , we recommend 20 – 30 minutes of natural sunlight every day to help our bodies to produce natural Vitamin D. Vitamin D can only be made by our bodies and supplements are usually only precursors of Vitamin D. This vitamin is available in some fish but we avoid fish due to the high levels of toxic chemical pollutants.
Negativity Watch, listen to and read positive uplifting media only – especially comedies! Switch off negative news. Remember that our priority now is to get well and stay well. We can no longer afford negativity and we try to focus on positive things and stay out of all controversy.

Please note that Cancer Anonymous™ does not endorse or oppose any supplier or supply any equipment or supplements or accept any commission or payment from any supplier. The list below is simply information provided by our members for the convenience of new members who wish to start on our program. These links are updated regularly based on feedback from our members. If you choose to purchase from any supplier, the contract of sale is directly between you and the supplier and the purchase is entirely at your own risk.
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